What is Custom-Build Data?


Everyone loves attention, especially in a business forum. That’s what today’s marketing and sales professionals follow, making their customer feels special, addressing customers by name, and attending to their unique pain points. When you focus more on personalising your customers’ experience, do you ever feel like “Could I have done better with more information about them?” (believe us every marketer and sales rep constantly worry about this). Anyway, as much as you want to make your customers feel special, you need that much info a.k.a data about them. Let’s see how you can reach that...

Custom-Build Data

Custom by definition means “made according to personal requirements”. When you have certain specific requirements in data it only makes sense to get it customised rather than surfing through the internet. Where might one find such data that too customising to every customer? Not to brag, but we do (effortlessly)! All it takes is 2 minutes. Yes, just TWO. You simply fill out a form with your requirements, your target market, the number of leads you need, any company in mind, any job level in mind, specific data like recent tech updates in your target companies, and etc, etc, etc. Our super team will start putting together the carefully customised data and deliver it in 2 days (yes, again just TWO).

Target More, Target Better

When you choose customised data, you’re increasing the possibilities of reaching more target audiences than ever. I mean how could you go wrong if each data is carefully picked and crafted? What else does that mean? More time to focus on what matters - building connections, and better business relationships. Once you gain insights about your target audience, you won’t be shooting wide but bullseye. You will know your customer inside and out which helps you speak only the necessary things. Making informed and sound decisions will become your regular habit with custom-build data.

No More Failed Strategies

Gone are the days of trial and error, hoping that your marketing and sales strategies hit the mark. With custom-build data at your fingertips, the guesswork disappears. Every data carefully tailored to your specifications ensures that you're not shooting in the dark. So, no more failed strategies because you now possess a complete understanding of your audience. With that understanding, you get more time to personalise your outreach. In the B2B industry, while numerous companies vying for attention, your quality product and service alone won’t save you. You have to be different from your competitors, make the best impressions, and know your audience better – all of it is only possible with custom data.

Why Custom Data is For You? 

Adaptability is key in B2B. Custom-build data isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. Imagine having the ability to adapt your outreach based on the latest industry trends, company updates, or even the recent technology changes in your target companies. This level of specificity is a game-changer, allowing you to stay one step ahead. Your competitors might be playing catch-up, but with custom-build data, you're not just in the race; you're leading it.

Furthermore, your time is valuable, and with custom-build data, you get to allocate it where it matters most—building meaningful connections and fostering stronger business relationships. Check out a free sample of InFynd’s custom-build data here.


So, why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is just a form away? Adapt to the future of data-driven strategies, where every move is intentional, every connection meaningful, and success is not just a possibility - it's a certainty. Here, strategies don't just work; they excel, thanks to the precision and personalisation of custom-build data.