Buying vs Scraping Data in 2023: Which is Right for Your Business?


This or that?

That or this?

Don’t choose anything! We haven’t analysed the pros and cons yet. So, what are we comparing today? Data! But what about data? We know data is an infinite resourcewhich constantly evolving and ruling the business dynamics.Every business owner requires data to accelerate their success. This often puts them in bewilderment whether to – Buy or Scrap data. As I said, don’t choose yet! Let’s break down the pros and cons and choose the right option for your business.

This or That?

So, you decide to buy data from a vendor?

Or decide to scrap the data yourself?

Let’s look at this comparison table and break down the analysis.


Buying data

Buying data is the most convenient and time-saving way of data acquisition. Depending on your data provider you’ll get structured and high-quality data, and you can only focus on closing deals earlier.

But questions often arise over cost and accuracy factors.

For that, you must choose a reliable data provider who understands your needs completely and provide you with the necessary data. And they will also provideyou with cost-effective plans.

At InFynd, we providecustomized cost-effective plans from small-scale businesses to well-established businesses. Do check it out!

Moreover, most data providers come under legality compliance, they will only provide GDPR, CCPA and CTPS-compliant data.

But if you choose the wrong data provider, who doesn’t fit your requirements, then data buying will becomeswimming against the tide for you.

Scraping data

Scraping data is a cost-effective and customisable way of data acquisition. This choice is best for businesses with limited budgets.

Businesses can scrape publicly available sources and target specific websites or sources to collect data that is most relevant to their needs.

However,you will need technical expertise and resources which may require additional investments in technology and skilled personnel.

And the luxury of time will be wasted in scraping data and your competitors will surpass your prospecting efforts in no time.

Also, when scraping you can collect the data and not analyse it which might affect your prospecting results.

Most importantly, data scraping can raise legal and ethical concerns. While publicly available data is generally accessible, scraping websites without permission may violate terms of service or intellectual property rights.

Which One is Best?

Both buying and scraping data have their pros and cons.The choice – ultimately depends on your needs and resources.

Contemplate the following factors to make a prudent decision.


Can you afford the ready-to-use data or rather invest time and effort to scrap the data at a lower cost?

Technical Support

Do you have the necessary expertise, and tools to scrape the data? If not, it's best to opt for buying data.


Do you need data immediately, or you can spend the luxury of time gathering and customising it?

Project Needs

Does your project require unique and complex data which might not be available with data providers or does the ready-to-use data serve the needs?

To Wrap Up

As we analysed the pros and cons, we leave it up to you to make an informed decision based on your requirements.

At InFynd, you can get high-quality, accurate data which can be customised. So that you can focus on leveraging the data, rather than acquiring more, to enhance your business operations and achieve greater success.