Conquer Cold Calls Like A Pro with these Sales Tips

“Hello, this is (your name) calling from (your company). I hope this call finds you well,” the moment you hear this, you know it’s going to be another salesperson trying to sell you another product/service. Sometimes, it can be exhausting for your prospects to deal with it on a daily basis. Then what can you do in a cold call? Don’t be boring for starters. A cold call should be interesting, fun, engaging and most importantly add value to the listener. To help you become a cold-calling champion, our Senior Sales Manager Michael is here to spill the secrets you’re missing out on. Before the FOMO gets real, let’s get into business.

Reflect the Prospect

Reflecting is a key technique to enhance your cold calling skills.

What is it? Michael says:


When you encounter a call where the prospect states, they are busy, you should not slow down instead speed to match their busy schedule. Essentially, reflecting is about the Sales Development Representative (SDR) recognising and adapting to the prospect's cues, such as acknowledging their busy schedule and ensuring the communication aligns with their preferences.

Bring in the Comfort Level

Cold calls need not be stiff and awkward. It can be fun and comfortable like talking to a friend. For that, you need the break the ice first.

One of our team members uses this opening line as his ice breaker,


A tad bit sassy, ain’t it?

Nothing can beat the good icebreaker that make people laugh and clear the awkward clouds.

But we warn you the same icebreaker might not work for everyone. Our other SDRs tried the same joke but couldn’t succeed. You need to find the icebreaker that suits your style, personality and of course, the prospect you’re going to engage.

Insist the Value

For the prospect, the work you’ve done doesn’t matter. They don’t care. What they care about is how you’re going to help them.

So, the best thing you can do for a prospect is to put themselves on the front. Think about what’s in it for them, how you can make yourself and your product/service relevant to them.


Rather than spinning your features alone, stating your product/service value will get your prospect’s attention like never before. Get some b2b sales analytics to understand your prospect better which will help you determine what to say and what not.

Open Ended Questions

It typically starts with what, when and how. It will help you engage in a better conversation with your prospects.

Why asking open ended questions are important?

Because you’re calling the prospects out of the blue and most of them aren’t pleased with your surprise call. These questions will open up the conversation and get your prospects into rhythm and listen to you.

Michael’s checklist of best questions...


Remember, asking these types of questions requires lots of homework.

Establish Trust

It’s not hard typically. All you have to do is be honest.

Don’t know the answer to a question. Tell them you don’t know. Or try this...


Your prospect will like your honesty and if they are curious, they’ll want to talk to the VP.

You got a lead all by being yourself.

And Michael wants to give you a small tip (let’s say a trick),

Start using this one word often. The word is typically.

“The reason for my call is typically when I talk to CXO’s, they’ve been having problems with...”

You see, it implies the subtext that you’ve done this before. You know what you’re doing. Eventually earning your prospect’s trust.

Remember, it's not just about making a call; it's about creating a connection. So, armed with these sales cold calling tips, go forth, be genuine, and turn those cold calls into hot leads! Happy calling!