A Haunted Campaign by Bad Data Quality


Halloween is around the corner. We, at InFynd started thinking about what would scare a marketer. Campaigns are the soul of a marketer, but what happens when these campaigns are cursed by inaccurate and outdated b2b data? Let’s hear a chilling story of the haunting consequences of poor data.

The Inbox Misery
The realm of marketers took off on a journey of campaigns. Little did they know that their journey would soon take a terrifying turn. Their choice? Outdated and inaccurate datasets for their campaigns. The result? A nightmarish inbox filled with bounced emails, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. The curse had been unleashed.

The Illusion of Personalisation
Desperate to salvage their campaign, the marketers decided to put in the magic of personalization. But alas, it was a false hope. The inaccurate b2b data led them to address their customers by the wrong names and send content that was as irrelevant as a ghost in daylight. Their potential clients vanished into thin air damaging their campaign efforts even more.

The Path of Horrors
The curse tightened its grip, and the haunting effects became unstoppable. Email deliverability issues loomed overhead like ominous clouds, open rates plummeted, engagement rates took a hit and leads vanished like apparitions in the night. The company and brand once deemed trustworthy lost its reputation and walked down the path of horrors.

Need for an Exorcist
Their desperation called for someone more than just a business expert, an exorcist of data. And their quest led them to InFynd, a top b2b data expert in the United Kingdom. What made them choose InFynd apart from others? It's not just reputation, but InFynd’s profound knowledge and powerful tools which were highly significant to lift their poor data curse.

The Road to Redemption
With InFynd’s help, their haunted campaigns found a way to redemption. Outdated and inaccurate data were replaced by accurate and verified data. The result? The cursed emails finally saw the light of the day, landing in the inbox instead of spam folders. Their personalisation efforts finally started to work, and the company’s reputation was restored to its former glory.

Cautionary Tale
Let this haunting story of poor data be a caution for data in B2B businesses this Halloween. As we gather for a virtual campfire, let us say this one thing, beware for the curse of bad datasets can strike when you least expect it.

To Conclude
This Halloween let’s be cautious about our marketing and business endeavours. And remember, InFynd is here to protect you from the wicked curse of poor data. May your marketing efforts be filled with more treats than tricks. Happy Halloween!