How Account Based Marketing Data Increase Your Revenue?


I mean, who likes to be led all the way only to be ghosted at last? No salesperson does (and yeah, no Tinder dates too). It hurts more than a breakup, nurturing a lead with false hopes till the end, uh, the leads, numbers, never-ending follow-ups. Only if finding leads who convert to customers was easy.

About that...

We are here to say it’s possible and the magic potion is account based marketing data. Simply put, it’s the data of your potential customers. Instead of reaching out to prospects from a vague leads list, with ABM data you’ll know who is actually in need of your solutions. Contact them, nurture them and watch them become your customers. That’s how easy it is with ABM data.

Let’s see how you can use it to increase your revenue generation.

What is ABM Data?

Account based marketing is a targeted marketing approach to your most potential customers. ABM data means the contact and insights data of these prospects. To get an idea about how to find your ABM prospects, analyse your best clients and find out what they have in common. Is it their company size? Industry? Country? Find the common factor that connects them.

This analysis will help you define your ideal customer profile for ABM strategy. Based on this, you build the ABM data list.

For example, InFynd’s custom build data gets your ICP’s list with 99% accuracy, so you can connect with better leads (and eventually convert to customers). That’s just one example of how ABM data works.

Once you figure out your ICP, you can focus on their demographics, intent, or firmographic data to personalise your message.

How do you Acquire ABM Data?

Now that you know what ABM data is. How do you acquire them? You may be sourcing your leads' data online, buying it from a data provider or using a sales intelligence tool to find the data you need. Acquiring ABM software data is also similar, but you’ll not only focus on the email addresses and phone numbers of leads. You’ll also focus on their intent and their stand in becoming your customer.

You can acquire ABM data by sourcing leads data online through platforms like LinkedIn, industry forums, and company websites, purchase data from reputable providers, or use sales intelligence tools such as InFynd and ZoomInfo.

How can it increase your Revenue?

Alright, let's talk numbers. ABM data changed the process of sending out generic messages and hoping for the best. It helps you precisely target your leads to drive better results.

Think about it: when you customise, your outreach based on insights from ABM data, you're hitting the sweet spot with your prospects. This targeted approach means higher conversion rates, plain and simple.

Plus, by segmenting your accounts and prioritising high-value opportunities, you're making every interaction count. And when you're engaging with prospects across multiple channels, you're not just increasing visibility, you're building relationships that lead to sales.

So, when it comes down to it, ABM data isn't just a tool, it's a revenue booster. It's about working smarter, not harder, and watching those revenue numbers climb.