How to Find Prospect Phone Numbers for B2B Sales?

Phone numbers in B2B sales which are often referred to as direct dials are phones predominantly used in the office. We use them to connect with our desired prospects. It can be landlines or softphone numbers, mobile numbers used for work based on which the connecting rates are calculated.

Most of the time, the direct dials end up being wrong or not in use. It’s an SDR's dream to have direct dials that actually work. That’s what we’ve been dreaming about too few years before and decided to take the job on our hands in the end.

What are direct dials and why it’s important?

Direct dials are phone numbers you use to connect with prospects on a cold call.

Some databases claim to provide direct phone numbers for decision-makers in companies. They promise these numbers will let you skip talking to gatekeepers. But often, you end up talking to assistants instead. So, direct dials that only exist in the office are outdated.

Things have changed recently. Not as many people are working in offices anymore because many are working from home. This means it's harder to reach people on their office phones. For SDRs, it's now really important to have the person's cell phone number.

Give importance to B2B mobile phone numbers that allow you to talk directly to decision-makers, even if they're not at their office desks or are working from home. Compared to direct office phone numbers, using mobile phone numbers for sales leads to higher connection rates.

How to Find Direct Phone Numbers? 

To find direct phone numbers, use sales intelligence platforms. These platforms offer B2B contact data that can be filtered based on different criteria. The top providers also constantly update the data to ensure the accuracy of direct phone numbers. This is an ideal solution for companies that depend on outbound sales and aim to quickly expand their sales pipelines.

Check out InFynd, a custom-build B2B database for updated and accurate direct dials that are compliant with GDPR, CCPA or TPS. Our database undergoes a various quality check to ensure accuracy and human verification to keep them up to date.

If you use LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, try using Chrome extensions of databases to get details like phone numbers and emails. These tools can also help you find contact info of other people at the same company. They work well with CRM software like Outreach and Salesforce, which many salespeople like.

If you don't cold call often, you can try finding their phone numbers on social media or the company's website. But it might take a while, especially for big companies, since top bosses usually don't share their phone numbers online.

If you've tried everything else and still can't find the direct phone number you need, don't hesitate to speak with the gatekeeper.

A gatekeeper is usually an assistant or receptionist who manages incoming calls for a company. They're there to screen calls and protect senior executives from interruptions. But with the right approach, you can increase your chances of scheduling a conversation with your prospect.

Another way to find direct phone numbers is by checking email signatures. Many professionals include their direct line next to their job title. You can look through your company's email inbox or ask colleagues if they've been in contact with your prospect. Also, remember that bounced and out-of-office emails can be helpful sources of contact information as well.

Checking the "About Us" pages on company websites could be effective if you're focusing on small, locally based businesses.

Avoid Getting Direct Dials This Way

Purchasing lead lists from unreliable providers often results in acquiring outdated and rudimentary data. This leads to dialling random contacts, ultimately wasting both time and money.

Furthermore, it's crucial to be vigilant about lead lists that fail to comply with global data regulations like GDPR in Europe, CCPA in the US, and others. Utilising non-compliant lists puts you at risk of being flagged as spam, potentially damaging your company's reputation.

Now you know where and how to find B2B contacts that work. Cold calling is nothing without proper direct dials. So, you must give more thought and importance to where and how you’re obtaining the direct dials. Try the InFynd B2B database for accurate emails and phone numbers of your prospects. Get started with FIVE free data on your sign-up.