How to Write Successful Prospecting Emails


Sending out bulk emails to prospects only to get ghosted can be disheartening. Trust us, we know the pain. We’ve been there.

Today, cold emails or prospective emails are losing their value. These email outreaches are said to be outdated and a waste of time. It might seem true on a generic level, but still, 80% of buyers prefer to speak to sellers via email, states the RAIN group survey.

What’s the key to nailing prospecting emails? WRITE EXCEPTIONALLY WELL! That’s it. We are here to provide you with some top tips to do that. Let’s get into business.

#3 Simple Tips

1. Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

Subject lines are the face of your emails, so try to make the best first impression. If your subject sounds like spam, then it will be treated like one.

Then how to write a good subject line? Don’t use spammy words and write like you’re talking to a real person. This will increase the chance of your emails getting opened.

Some of the common spam words used in subject lines are,

  • Cash Bonus
  • Earn Money
  • Free Access
  • Giveaway
  • Money Making
  • Click Here
  • Lowest Price

Short and crispy subject lines have proven to hold the reader's attention. Experts state that subject lines with a maximum of four words will perform well in prospecting emails. However, not everything can be said in four words, but it’s good to have a rough number to start with.

Another great tip for a strong subject line is to mention your prospect's name in the subject if possible. We know it’s hard. Prospecting emails are often sent through CRM or similar tools on a bulk basis, hence writing a constructive subject for each prospect is often a no-go.

Even though you can’t do this regularly, try implementing it on the special prospecting emails where you need to step up your game!

2. Keep Them Focused 

The attention-grabbing subject line got your prospects opening your email, then you need to keep them engaged and take your desired call to action. For that, your email must have highly engaging content and a strategic approach.

Personalisation. The never old marketing strategy.

Let’s start with addressing the email prospects by their name, don’t forget to mention their job title and company name in the email body. This is the first and basic level of personalising your content for email marketing.

Anyone and everyone can do the above. If you want to stand out, you need to touch the right nerve. So, start a conversation, show you’re genuinely interested in talking and most importantly you’re worth their time.

For example, mention any specific thing about their business, you can look up something in their company news. Or to connect on a personal level, look up their LinkedIn or social media and mention their interest, alma matter, mutual connection or location. This will make a great conversation starter.

Well done, you got the prospect’s attention. What next?

Why should I reply to this email? Your prospect’s will wonder.

Once the prospect gives you their attention, their next thought will be okay, you know me. Now why should I talk to you? In this phase, you need to put forth your product or service benefits. Don’t brag on how good you are and why you are the best. Instead, tell them how you can help their business and what they are missing out on. Like a friendly talk or a suggestion.

This approach will make you stand out and they’ll see your product or service’s real potential. If possible, give them examples of your work case studies, success stories, or awards to increase your credibility.

3. Get this Right

These tips are a great starting point to write better email content, in the end, it’s up to you to decide what works for you. The most important factor for email marketing more than the content is the prospects' email list. And you need a reliable contact data provider to get accurate and up-to-date emails.

Why is it important? Well, you want to connect with real people, not with an outdated email and a spam folder. InFynd has been the sole provider of accurate b2b email data in the United Kingdom. With InFynd, your email open rates and click-through-rate will increase, and email bounces will be avoided, hence resulting in email marketing success.

Another small additional tip is, always send follow-up emails after sending your sales pitch. Don’t become idle after your first email.

These three time and tested simple steps helped us succeed in our email marketing ventures and they will for you too.