Sales Triggers That’ll Fasten Your Lead Conversions

Do you know why people say converting a lead is hard? Because they miss the trick of finding the right sales triggers. This blog will teach you,

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What is a Sales Trigger?

Sales triggers are any event from company merger to new hire. It will give you excellent opportunities to personalise your outreach and establish deeper connections. These events may initiate entirely new interactions or rekindle relationships with old and cold prospects. If you’re failing to notice these triggers, you’re missing out on opportunities. But worry not, with some research, you can quickly become an expert in identifying the triggers to use them to your advantage.

New Executives

If a company you're trying to sell to hires a new executive in an important role, it's a sign to act. New executives often want to make changes quickly and might be open to discussing how your product or service could help. Take some time to research the new person and consider if their appointment signals bigger changes in the company. The more you understand about the new leadership and the company's direction, the better. You can keep an eye on this trigger by following companies on social media and watching for updates.

Monitor Their Performance

Keep an eye on your prospects' performance as market conditions can change. If they're doing well, they might have more funds to invest in products that can benefit them further. Even if they're facing financial challenges, it's worth tracking this trigger. Look out for signs like bankruptcy, stock decreases, missing revenue, or legal issues. You might uncover deeper issues, like compliance problems. By offering solutions, you could secure the deal. Use Google Alerts and follow industry news, company releases, and social media to track this trigger manually. You can also use leads database software to track your prospect’s market performance.


Changes like office location moves, company growth, shrinkage, or mergers create opportunities for B2B lead generation. For example, mergers or expansions may allow you to extend your offerings to new parts of the company. When a company expands, it often has more money to spend, making it the right time to present your specialised services. Existing contacts may become advocates for your company, leading to new prospects. Office moves may require different types of support, so research how your offer can assist. To identify leads from growing companies, watch for signs like expansion, consolidation, relocation, mass hiring, new office locations, or fundraising events.

Industry Developments

Industry developments, like legislative changes or major shifts, require companies to adapt. Consider the opportunities these changes may create for your organisation. Can you offer the support or guidance needed to tackle these changes? Do your products or services provide solutions to new challenges? To track this trigger, set up Google Alerts and follow industry news, company press releases, and social media posts.

That Slight Interest

Social media opens doors for this trigger! Watch for trigger events in your prospects' posts. Are they interested in specific products? Any common ground you can explore? Perhaps dissatisfaction with competitors?

To track manually: Monitor prospects' social media for insights.

Track with InFynd

According to Forrester research, a sales trigger can increase your win rate by 74%. That’s an astonishingly big number. Nobody will ever want to take a chance with this opportunity. You need not be alone in this crucial journey. InFynd can keep an eye on the sales triggers for you and will notify you when the time arises. Book a demo with our team today!

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