A Promising Start to 2024


Welcome to the InFynd Insights January edition!

2024 is off to a promising start with resolutions and “trends to look out for in 2024” posts.

Did your New Year's resolutions make it past the first week, or are you still holding onto that gym membership card as if it’s a golden ticket? We won't judge – we've got our own resolutions, and let's just say, our office plant has seen better days.🌿

Now, how about those industry predictions you made for 2024? Spot-on or slightly off the mark? We've got the InFynd Insights on what's shaking up the business world, so get your reading glasses ready (or just squint at your screen – we won't judge that either).

  • Google’s New Update for Bulk Email Senders
  • Onward and Upward – Recent Corporate Leadership Moves
  • #1 Focus of B2B Marketers
  • InFynd Pongal Celebration
  • Caught Our Eye!

Google’s New Update for Bulk Email Senders

From February 1, 2024, Google is introducing new requirements for bulk senders who send more than 5000 emails in a day. The motto is to keep Gmail a safe and secure place for communication. As per these new requirements, bulk email senders need to:

Authenticate their email – They should appropriately secure and configure their systems to prevent attackers and prove they are who they claim to be. With this, email users can be safe and confidently rely on email sources.

Enable easy unsubscription – Users need not go on hoops to unsubscribe from an email sender. It should be one click, and the process should not take more than 2 days.

Only send wanted email – Even though Gmail already enable multiple software to detect spam, it’s still a big threat. Every day, Gmail's advanced AI defences successfully prevent over 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from infiltrating inboxes, blocking nearly 15 billion unwanted emails.

Yahoo’s Sr. Director Marcel Becker also agrees with Google’s new regulations for bulk emails and looks forward to working with Google and the rest of the email community to set these new industry standards.

Jimmy Kim breaks down exactly what’s changing and how you can get ahead of this 👇

These new regulations are currently only applicable to personal emails (Gmail), not business emails. So B2B email senders have nothing to worry about (for now). Look out for new updates, as Google may extend these requirements to business emails in the future.

Onward and Upward – Recent Corporate Leadership Moves

  • LGH & Rotrex Group welcomes Russell Boswell-Munday as the new Sales Director for Europe and the UK at LGH. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the hiring industry, Russell brings extensive experience in managing sales teams throughout his career.
  • Other new additions to the LGH & Rotrex Group's Board of Directors include Don Wilkinson, now serving as Rotrex's Sales Director, and Phil Smith, who has been appointed as Group Operations Director. Both join the board alongside Andy Mault, the CEO, and Rob Halliwell, recently named Support Services Director.
  • SoundCloud appointed Tom Sansone as CFO & COO. Prior to this appointment, Sansone held the position of CFO at Kobalt Music Group.
  • In acknowledgement of his outstanding contributions and the remarkable success of the business in connecting more small businesses with crucial cashflow funding, Iain Hendry has been promoted to the position of National Head of Sales for Optimum Finance, a specialist in Invoice Finance.
  • Quantum Advisory, a prominent independent financial services consultancy, is enhancing its Employee Benefits team with the addition of Graham Yearsley, who joins as Principal Consultant and Lead.

#1 Focus of B2B Marketers

Trust should be the number one focus of B2B marketers as it significantly influences customers' likelihood to recommend a company. According to a recent Forrester study, 85% of customers are more likely to recommend a company they trust, compared to only 48% when trust is lacking.

B2B buyers differ from consumers as they purchase on behalf of their organization, representing colleagues and friends. This unique relationship prompts defensive decision-making, shifting the focus to risk avoidance in the purchase process. The organisational context leads to distinctive buyer behaviour.

Buyers trust coworkers, company management, current vendors, and industry peers. On the other side, they don’t trust social media influencers, government officials, news media, and new vendors. This bias favours incumbent vendors while posing challenges for new entrants.

To build trust, marketers at challenger brands should focus on being stable innovators, emphasising financial security, and longevity. Trust is accumulated through positive reinforcement from trusted sources which requires a broad brand presence across influential channels to shape buyer perceptions indirectly.

InFynd Pongal Celebration

Our team in India celebrated the auspicious harvest festival "Pongal" with great joy and enthusiasm. The office was adorned with vibrant decorations and a festive atmosphere. Team members embraced the spirit of the occasion by dressing in traditional attire, which added a colourful touch to the celebration.

We engaged in a variety of fun activities that brought everyone together. From traditional games to cultural performances, the day was filled with laughter and camaraderie. The highlight of the celebration was the cooking of delicious Pongal, a dish made from freshly harvested rice, lentils, and jaggery. The aroma lifted the festive vibe one step further and everyone eagerly gathered to enjoy the flavourful treat.


The festivities provided a wonderful opportunity for team bonding and cultural exchange. It was heartening to witness the diverse talents and traditions within our team coming together to make the Pongal celebration a memorable and joyous occasion.

Caught Our Eye!

A great post we came across from the B2B Revenue Leadership Show by Brian G. Burns:

Maxwell Iskiev shares the B2B Marketing’s state and trends to look out for in 2024 in the recent HubSpot blog that caught our eye:

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