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From the first snowfall of winter 2023 to our first Expo experience, November is indeed WHAT. A. MONTH for us. (Clears throat) InFynd grabbed the limelight at the B2B Marketing & Marketing Technology Expo in London! The event was a huge success for us, and "overwhelming" is an understatement to express our feelings. Let us save the juicy details for now.

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InFynd in B2B Marketing Expo

The B2B Marketing Expo & Marketing Technology Expo was held in ExCel London on November 29 & 30. Guess who decided to exhibit? That’s right, we did. The expo hosted over 200 exhibitors (including us) and over 5000 visitors, ranging from top-level executives to eager newcomers, all looking for a knowledge-packed experience.

Our CEO Harish Praveen along with Gary Boys, Sandy Ghuman and Jorgia Tye took over the stand to exhibit InFynd’s custom-built data, a game changer in B2B data intelligence. We didn’t want it to be a typical product display, our team spiced things up with fun games and goodies to ensure a memorable experience for every visitor.


Over the two days, more than three hundred B2B professionals, ranging from decision-makers of reputed organisations to newcomers in the field, visited our stand.

Decision-makers were excited to know about our customised data solutions and expressed their interest. They felt it’s hard to find the right data provider nowadays and get accurate data. Some were so impressed that they signed up and gave their requirements on the spot. They were happy to find us, and we were too!

The younger crowd was equally excited to learn about our product and gain knowledge about data’s importance in the B2B industry.


As our team chatted with decision-makers, we understood the industry's real pain points when it comes to sourcing reliable data for business needs.

Our "Spin the Wheel" game added an extra layer of excitement, with visitors scoring massive discounts and rewards. We were thrilled to see so many winners, and the positive energy at our stand was contagious.

Two standout moments during the event made us swell with pride.
  • First, current customers of our competitors were blown away by our custom data solutions, claiming they hadn't heard of anything like it before. We couldn't agree more!

  • Second, data resellers showered us with praise, considering us an inspiration for building a product that's not only trustworthy but also reliable on both ends.
Key takeaways from the event,
  • Decision-makers, and sales and marketing professionals are struggling to find high-quality and accurate data that aligns with their ICP.

  • After hearing from them, we strongly felt the responsibility to consistently deliver high-quality and accurate data.

  • People want direct CRM enrichment from our product and are eager for additional lead-generation tools. We heard your wishes loud and clear! Well, the cat's out of the bag, we have been working these for the past few months, and updates are on the way. Keep a close eye on your inbox for the deets!

We want to take a moment to appreciate the organisers of the B2B Marketing & Marketing Technology Expo and ExCel London, your efficient planning turned it into a successful event for all. Thank you for having us!

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