March and Our Manifestation


We started March with one manifestation...

To install more plants in the office, which we successfully did (pats on the back). But also, to improve our product. It is a much-needed upgrade to which we have been waiting for so long. If you follow us on social media, you might know it already.

For those dedicated newsletter-only readers, we’re talking about InFynd’s latest upgraded platform InFynd 4.0. Okay, let’s talk about that in detail later in the newsletter. Before that, let’s see what March’s InFynd Insights has in store for us,

  • AI – Threat to Mental Health?
  • Onward and Upward - Recent Corporate Leadership Moves
  • Talk Of The Town – InFynd 4.0
  • This Affects Your Closing Rates
  • Caught our Eye!
  • Latest Thought Provoking Blogs

Let’s go...

AI – Threat to Mental Health?

The Institute for the Future of Work recently found that exposure to new technologies like trackers, robots and AI-based software at work is affecting the quality of life of people.


Based on a survey of 6000 people, the study revealed that increased exposure to technologies in three specific categories - software utilizing AI and machine learning, surveillance devices like wearable trackers, and robotics - correlated with poorer health and well-being among workers.

In contrast, the utilisation of traditional information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as laptops, tablets, and instant messaging at work tended to have a beneficial impact on well-being.

Although the researchers did not directly investigate the underlying causes, they highlighted that their findings aligned with prior studies indicating that "such technologies may exacerbate job insecurity, workload intensification, routinisation, and loss of work meaningfulness, as well as disempowerment and loss of autonomy, all of which diminish overall employee wellbeing."

But it need not be this way. There's potential for change. With appropriate safeguards, AI can be utilised to genuinely boost productivity and enhance the quality of work life.

So, as long as employers keep their employees' mental health in check and employees address their problems in a transparent work setup, there is hope where AI and humans to thrive together!

Onward and Upward - Recent Corporate Leadership Moves

Talk of the town – InFynd 4.0

It’s been nearly 20 days since the InFynd 4.0 (our latest and most advanced version of the InFynd platform) launched and our excitement is still buzzing. Our team has poured countless hours into this upgrade to enhance the overall user experience for our valued customers. The result? Our clients are lovin’ it!

Why don’t you check it out first? Sign up here -

With numerous new features and filter updates, InFynd 4.0 delivers a seamless lead-generation experience like never before. We have revamped the whole user interface and enhanced our prospect search filters for a smoother search experience. Our team left no stone unturned to make sure that every interaction with our platform is efficient and enjoyable.

But perhaps the most thrilling upgrade of all is our new CRM integration feature. Now, you can sync your CRM with InFynd and transfer all the data instantly without any hassle. Save your time and energy and make sure you never miss out on any opportunity.

Feedbacks are already coming in from our clients saying they are enjoying this upgrade and having a great experience with us.

This Affects Your Closing Rates

Attitude and conviction are the keys to success in sales and it decides your closing rates. It's about being certain in your solution and inspiring confidence in your prospects. Your attitude shapes your energy aura, influencing how buyers perceive you and your offering.

To excel in sales, embrace persistence. Only 2% of sales are closed in the first meeting, highlighting the importance of follow-up and nurturing relationships. Embrace the uncertainty and appreciate the uniqueness of each sales opportunity.

Salespeople should align their purpose with their career to find inspiration and motivation to showcase their conviction. Learn from losses and use failure as feedback for improvement. Approach sales with a mindset of abundance, focusing on serving others rather than fulfilling your own needs.

So, with the right attitude and conviction, you can master the art of sales and close deals with confidence and success.

Caught Our Eye!

Kimberlee Meier talks about how to attract qualified leads and close more deals via inbound lead generation in Close’s blog. We think it’s a must-read for every B2B professionals. So, sales reps and marketers, do check it out!

Inbound Lead Generation: Attract Qualified Leads + Close More Deals

Companies live—or die—based on the quality of their inbound leads. Most of your customers were once just random, anonymous internet users. Over time, they became a lead in your sales funnel and, eventually, a customer.

Chase Dimond’s post on email marketing mistakes offers invaluable insights for every marketer.

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