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InFynd is a global pioneer in delivering accurate B2B sales databases. Our UK data is human-validated and regularly updated to aid our clients in their dynamic lead-generating efforts. Our years as a top B2B data provider have allowed us to comprehend and engage in a wide range of customer demands and initiatives, making InFynd a reliable and credible B2B data intelligence provider.

UK B2B Data Suppliers

Custom-build B2B database providers

InFynd offers a custom-built UK B2B database regardless of your TAM or locale. Our data is diverse and highly qualified. This ensures great returns for investments and other business outcomes for our customers. Our high-end tool acts as a superpower for our clients who choose to prospect leads effectively.It provides highly in-demand UK B2B information from different business arenas and industries you sought for a long time. Some of the major B2B databases which we cover include;


InFynd’s marketing database is an ultimate bonus box that enables clients to look into a much better outreach program through direct leads. We deliver better prospects right at your doorstep in minutes. Funnel your audience and optimize marketing strategies with our B2B Marketing databases.

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Generating sales is the ultimate goal that drives companies forward. InFynd understands this and supports companies to produce and close more sales deals effectively. Identify key prospects from different industries insideyour TAM and outside with our B2B sales database to generatethe best outcomes. Navigate your sales leads with ultimate validated data that accelerates your growth rate.

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When firms choose to perform better, they must recruit the best workforce. Our recruitment database enables recruiters and other companies to successfully enhance their workflow pipeline by filtering talent globally. We also provide direct business contact information, which allows recruiters to connect with applicants coherently.

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Every major corporation began humble and young. However, the manner they sell their services is what drives their growth. Improving sales leads can assist companies to develop and create value. InFynd understands this requirement and delivers unique B2B databases to assist businesses in advancing to the next level.

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What kind of B2B contact databases do we offer?

Contact information acts as a conduit between the prospect and the person who is seeking him. InFynd provides contact information from several B2B domains. All our data are human-verified and telephone verified to ensure maximum productivity for our customers from the UK and globally.

Besides all this, we also provide our customers with;

  • Business Insights
  • B2B Lead Prospecting
  • CRM Enrichment
  • Investor and Investments

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