Key Strategies to Inspire and Motivate Your Sales Team

A motivated team is the winning dream! They will produce results like no other. What comes to your mind when we say motivating your team, especially our beloved sales team? A fiery speech? More money (that sometimes does)? But what can actually motivate your sales team? This is something time and tested in InFynd. Yeah, our salespeople are highly motivated (not to brag, we promise). Okay, it’s time to share the “strategies” to motivate your sales team. Buckle up!

Transparency Is the Game Changer

An employee will be more invested in the company if the company is transparent with them. Be it the goals, objectives, struggles and issues, they’ll want to do more when they really know the company.

For the sales team, it's easy to just focus on how well each person is doing and forget about the big picture. This can make employees feel less important over time.

But if the team knows what the company is trying to achieve, they'll also understand what they need to do individually. This helps prevent feeling demotivated because everyone can see how they contribute to the company's growth.

For instance, if the company has a goal of making $10 million, make sure each person knows how they can help reach that goal.

Set Attainable Goals

At InFynd, a minimum of 85% of our sales team consistently achieves their goals every month.

The reason?

Our B2B sales targets are the minimum expected outcome. Because we understand, setting overly ambitious goals that are frequently missed can demoralise your team.

Also, if the goals are tough to reach because they're more about the team than the individual, it can demotivate your employees. Remember, people choose sales to enjoy the fruits of their own efforts; this self-motivated approach is crucial! So, build your sales strategy that aligns with your team goals.

A small tip: When your team consistently hits their goals early, increase the bonuses. This not only rewards those who go above and beyond but also ingrains a culture of high performance in the company. Also, consider introducing personalised recognition awards to further inspire exceptional work.

Training and Opportunities

InFynd provides 4 hours of training to the sales team per week, even to the seniors and managers. They feel happy and relaxed as they still have room to grow.

We also arrange for various external trainers to conduct group training sessions. This approach helps InFynd's B2B sales team learn many skills and explore the field.

When new members join our company, we match them with a mentor. This gives them a supportive space to ask questions and get feedback. 

Sales professionals often find themselves feeling stuck in their progress over time. Providing training can be the key to helping them understand their potential. As they advance, your team will become more confident and motivated.

Equip the Team with All the Tools They Need

We're crystal clear about equipping our SDRs with the necessary tools like a database where you can get business emails from UK leads provider.

"If the team requires anything to enhance their work, we ensure they have it. This involves investing in the top-notch CRM, offering top-tier outreach tools, and providing premium B2B data."

We foster an environment where our sales team can flourish by ensuring our SDRs have everything they need for success.

Final Thought

So yes, motivating a sales team with only your words is not enough. You have to show in action, that you’re there for them, always and all ways. These four things are what we follow at InFynd and the result can be seen in our ROI. But you don’t have to stick to these strategies, find out what works for you and your team and start from there.