The Holmes Law of B2B Sales

“The game is afoot” is what Sherlock Holmes would say if he was a B2B salesperson. Imagine the cold calls he’d make, I bet every call ends with a deal (prove me wrong). Sales is a complicated field, but not for the master of deduction. His high-functioning sociopath skills will make him the master of sales too. Let’s go on a sales adventure with the Baker Street genius. Presenting you the Holmes guide to B2B sales.

Case File #1: The Curious Case of the Elusive Buyer

Remember how Sherlock shadows Moriarity to stay ahead of his tricks? Just like that a B2B salesperson must understand their buyer's every move. Observe their online presence, decipher their industry trends, and uncover their hidden needs. Remember, the devil is in the details – a seemingly insignificant social media post might reveal a crucial pain point your solution can address. Some buyers look for free b2b data, understand their potential and try to provide free demo or a sample.

Case File #2: The Art of the Disguise

Sherlock Holmes mastered the art of blending in, adapting his persona to suit the situation. B2B salespeople must do the same. Change your communication style to connect with each client, be it the data-driven executive or the relationship-oriented decision-maker. Remember, a one-size-fits-all approach is like concluding without even detecting open clues.

Case File #3: The Baker Street Network

Detectives rely on their informants to solve every case. Sherlock had his share of informants from his brother Mycroft, Mary Watson, Molly, Inspector Lestrade and more. (No, Watson is not an informant, they’re buddies. They solve cases together. I am not mentioning him on the list. Come on!) So, back to business – you should also build your network stronger and wider with industry experts, potential partners, and even competitors. The insights you can gain from your peers will get you through any toughest sales.

Case File #4: The Adventure of the Perfect Pitch

Elementary, my dear SDRs! Everyone knows this, YOU NEED A PERFECT PITCH before starting your conversation. Know your audience, find their pain points, research their needs and then provide your solutions to their desire. Just as the Baker Street genius never left a stone unturned before concluding.

The Game Continues...

This guide offers a glimpse into the complexities of sales through the lens of Sherlock Holmes. We drew parallels between Holmes deductive skills and B2B sales strategies. We've highlighted the importance of keen observation, perfect planning, and unwavering determination to help you become triumphant in B2B sales.

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