Top B2B Email Providers to Look out for in 2024

The B2B email list can either be collected organically or bought from a reputed provider. Collecting data manually can be energy and time-consuming while buying from a data provider is efficient and automates the process.

Now let’s see the best email database providers in the market to look out for in 2024.

1. InFynd

InFynd’s 200M+ global database easily tops the list for 2024. The data quality and accuracy make InFynd the perfect email provider for B2B sales and marketing prospecting. It has a strong base in the United Kingdom with over 25M+ business databases. Higher than any other UK data provider making it the ideal platform for the businesses targeting the UK market.

You can search for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) email addresses with our lead-generation tool. The extensive number of filters to narrow your prospect’s contact data saves you plenty of time. This data is then used to outreach your prospects and run marketing campaigns making the whole B2B prospecting seamless.

On top of that, InFynd database provider UK goes beyond standard offerings by providing custom build data solutions tailored to businesses with unique data requirements. By entering your target market details, InFynd crafts a customised data list that aligns precisely with your needs. The custom-build data undergoes a thorough verification process, ensuring exceptional accuracy.

More reasons to choose InFynd,

More Data Less Cost

InFynd follows a credit-based pricing model, offering five free credits every month with no strings attached. You can sign up for free, and no credit card information is required during the sign-up process.

Voices of Approval

Watch it Work: InFynd in Action

Take a tour of our lead generation tool to why acquiring an email list from InFynd is easy and efficient.

2. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo boasts a massive database brimming with email addresses and over 300 detailed firmographic attributes, along with valuable insights and recent activity updates. This makes it a potent tool for sales and marketing teams seeking qualified leads.

It has recently set its sights on Europe. This expansion offers European businesses even greater access to qualified leads and sales intelligence.

3. Lusha

Lusha shines for B2B lead generation, offering a compliant (CCPA and GDPR) database of 60 million email addresses. Plus, they sweeten the deal with five free contacts each month to jumpstart your outreach.

4. Cognism

Cognism's extensive global B2B data coverage, email database UK and precision make it the go-to choice for purchasing email lists for B2B sales and marketing teams operating in diverse territories. The platform enables lead generation according to specified parameters, ensuring that received emails align with your total addressable market.

This seamlessly integrates with your outbound platform, providing a comprehensive end-to-end B2B prospecting experience.

5. Kaspr

Kaspr serves as a business email address database, granting immediate access to emails for sales and marketing teams to construct potent and compliant B2B data lists. It proves beneficial for individual prospecting on LinkedIn and streamlining LinkedIn outreach. Kaspr emerges as a cost-effective solution tailored for recruiters and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) seeking European contact data, with alignment to GDPR and CCPA standards.

The platform presents various plans and pricing options adaptable to your business requirements, with the claim on its website that the tool has the potential to enhance email conversion rates by 50%.

6. Megaleads

Flaunting a commitment to 97%+ accuracy, a minimum of 85% deliverability, and cost-effectiveness, MegaLeads stands out as a reliable B2B contact database provider.

MegaLeads asserts possession of one of the most comprehensive and precise USA executive databases, featuring complete records of B2B prospects, including email addresses and phone numbers.

To kickstart the engagement, they provide an initial offering of 200 free leads and extend a no-credit-card-required free trial.

Should You Buy a B2B Email List?

When considering the purchase of a B2B email list, it's essential to navigate through various providers with caution. While these services promise to enhance sales efficiency, the presence of inaccurate data can impede prospecting efforts. The effectiveness and time invested in cold outreach are directly impacted by the accuracy of your email list.

Before evaluating your options, it's essential to consider the following key criteria:

There are plenty of B2B email providers in the market. But we listed the top email providers with the best features and offerings to save you time searching for the best. Remember to make informed decisions while choosing your email provider as it’s the root of your sales and marketing strategy.