The Don’ts of B2B Cold Calling

Cold calling? The Gen-Zs might say it’s old and dead (and a boomer’s way). But hey, this old thing still shines brighter and going strong. A recent study said 82% of buyers are ready to meet the sales rep who reached out to them. Every great salesperson knows cold calling is gold. So, let’s stop with the old and dead talk.

What do you need to know about cold calling? We can hear you say “Of course, we want to know how to do it better, silly”. Sorry for the disappointment, you won’t find the “do better” here. But you will find something even more important, the DON’TS of B2B cold calling. Yes, it’s not the do’s you need, it’s the don’ts that will make you a better salesperson. Now, let’s get started,

The Top 6 Don’ts of B2B Cold Calling

Don’t Stick to the Script

You’re not on a stage drama to deliver your dialogues. Cold calling is about connecting with real people where you have to be realistic. Approaching your prospects with a script will make you sound robotic. So, never stick to a script while cold calling is rule no.1.

All you need is some key points and soundbites to engage in a natural conversation. Remember, these points must add value to your prospect’s business like solving their pain points and boosting their business growth.

Don’t Start Selling to the Gatekeeper

Avoid selling to the first person who answers the phone, most of the time it’ll be a receptionist or PA as it won’t get you any deals. Identifying the right person can be tricky, so focus on determining this in the first minute of your call instead of immediately pitching your product.

Also, never ask the prospect if you're speaking to them; instead, assume it's them. If it turns out not to be the prospect, they'll clarify, but if it is, you'll be more friendly and less salesy.

Another thing is, when dealing with gatekeepers, it's essential to adopt a strategy of speaking as if you're at a management level rather than sounding like a salesperson. The gatekeeper is more inclined to connect you with the decision-maker if they perceive you as someone with authority.

Don’t be Pessimistic

Your speaking tone matters the most when it comes to cold calling. If you don't bring enthusiasm to the table, the prospect probably won't catch the vibe either.

Give your voice a lively touch, and make sure it's far from bland or indifferent. Imagine you're chatting with a good friend - that level of excitement and friendliness is your ticket to building crucial rapport during B2B cold calls. Remember, a friendly tone can be your secret weapon for cold-calling success.

Don’t Ask Yes or No Questions

Never ask close-ended questions that lead to simple yes or no responses and give up control of the conversation to the prospect.

To maintain control and extract valuable information, opt for open-ended questions. For instance, ask, "How are you planning to solve a particular pain point?" or "What are your business priorities at the moment?" These questions encourage prospects to share more details, facilitating better qualification for the call later on.

Don’t Overplay

Mastering the cold calling isn't just about knowing what to say but also understanding when to stop talking. If you keep gibbering, you might end up pushing the prospect away.

Avoid sounding overly salesy. Listen to the prospect, understand their needs and issues, and then explain how your product can help. Be more of an education than just a salesperson.

Don’t be Afraid to Face Rejections

This might be last on this list, but it should be first on your mind (if not, always). Rejections are part of life and cold calling is not an exception. In fact, that’s where you face rejections the most. Someday you’ll close a deal on your first call, someday it can be the 12th, 22nd or even 47th. The thing is you should not be afraid or dejected to face the rejections.

Bad call? Take a five, refocus, and move on to the next one. The secret is to keep smiling and keep dialling, your next deal is just one call away.

That’s it for DON’TS of B2B cold calling. If you make it to this end of the article, we have one more “don’t” that’ll change your approach. Don’t forget to listen to your calls. Yes, doesn’t matter if it's a good call or bad call, always listen to your calls. It’ll help you improve and lose the things that are not working.

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