Top 6 Interview Questions to Hire the Best SDRs

SDRs are a dynamic and dramatic job and we're not just saying that for the rhyme. It’s a crucial role that can make or break your B2B sales team.

As you know, it’s a tough job that requires some toughest skills. They are the frontrunners in UK B2B lead generation. They engage in prospect finalisation, sending emails, and making calls to nurture potential leads. So, handling an extensive number of calls and emails daily is no easy task. Despite their dedicated efforts, SDRs often encounter more rejections than successes. This makes resilience and strength essential qualities for success in this role.

Finding such people with great traits is also an equally tough job.

So, let’s start with the basics. Ask these top 6 interview questions to hire the best SDRs for your team.

1. Tell me what you know about the job you've applied for.

This serves as an effective initial question for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) interview. Given the emphasis on cold calling and outbound sales in the SDR role, it's crucial for candidates to have a clear understanding of the job they are applying for. The nature of consistent cold calling and outbound sales can be challenging and may not suit everyone. It requires resilience, as there are extended periods of facing rejection. So, look for candidates who will find satisfaction in this role.

2. Can you tell me what you know about the product or service we provide?

This question helps you to see which candidate did their homework. You can find those who've gone beyond just repeating facts from what the recruiter told them. Go for candidates who took the extra step to independently learn about what you offer. Appreciate those who showed a real interest in your products or services. If they've taken the initiative to dig deeper and understand the details, it shows that they're serious about joining your team.

3. What draws you to a sales job?

Similar to the first question, look for SDR candidates who have a clear sense of their career goals. This inquiry aids you in comprehending their perception of a sales role, allowing you to align candidates with your sales strategy and understand their motivations.

Gaining insight into the motivations of new hires early on is crucial for ensuring their success and longevity in the role.

4. Describe the workplace culture you desire.

Companies struggle to retain an entry-level salesperson. It happens mostly because the candidate’s goals and desires don’t align with the company culture. You can solve this issue with this question at the initial recruitment process itself.

This question serves the dual purpose of ensuring alignment with candidates and demonstrating your genuine concern for their work experience. It also provides an opportunity for you to effectively showcase your business to potential hires.

5. Could you share an experience when you successfully overcome a challenge?

In SDR interviews, candidates frequently mention essential traits without providing concrete evidence. This question gauges a person's resilience, a crucial quality for every SDR given the job's fluctuating nature. Requesting a specific real-world example helps an interviewer assess the candidate's authentic possession of this trait. With a practical demonstration of how the candidate has overcome challenges in the past offers more comprehensive understanding of their ability to thrive in this dynamic role.

6. Are there any skills outside of sales that you would like to develop during your time with us?

Instead of the typical strengths and weaknesses inquiry, use this question! It allows you to assess the candidate's ability to think on their feet—a crucial trait for SDRs.

In cold calling, you interact with individuals from various backgrounds, ranging from receptionists to CEOs. Unprepared, you might encounter challenging questions. This query reveals whether the interviewee possesses the skills needed to handle such situations.

Other than these questions, encourage candidates to ask questions or what would they do differently if they were allowed to take the interview again. These types of questions will help you understand the candidates' thinking process and their spontaneity. These are InFynd’s top 6 interview questions to hire the best SDRs. We sure did find a bunch. Good luck finding your best people too!