InFynd Data Gave Silvey Fleet’s Sales Efforts a Boost

About Silvey Fleet


“Big enough to depend on, Small enough to care,” that’s what Silvey Fleet embodies. It has a rich heritage of over 150 years offering top-tier fleet management solutions. With a foundation rooted in being a major fuel card distributor in the UK, Silvey Fleet leverages its extensive experience to assist commercial fleets in optimizing their fuel expenses. Also, Silvey’s Miles Monitor software provides fleet managers with tools for enhanced visibility, regulatory compliance, and cost containment.

The Problem

Silvey Fleet recognized the need to reach out to a highly targeted audience of fleet companies across the UK to promote their fuel card services and fleet management software. However, the challenge persisted when they tried to identify the accurate contact data of the potential customers. Their teams’ traditional methods of data collection were time-con suming and often led to incomplete and outdated data. It heavily affected their marketing efforts.

The Solution

To address this issue, Silvey Fleet partnered with InFynd, an extensive data solution provider. Our fleet database consists of accurate, high-quality and up-to-date contact data which Silvey put into use in their marketing campaigns and sales outreach. This approach promised a direct and efficient way to connect with potential clients.

The Results

Silvey Fleet's marketing campaigns became highly focused and effective. Their outreach efforts were streamlined, directly targeting decision-makers and fleet managers through mail, calls and their preferred communication channel. InFynd’s data significantly increased the engagement level and response rates for Silvey.

And their Miles Monitor software gained more traction among fleet managers, who appreciated the visibility it offered in their operations. Overall, Silvey Fleet’s marketing efforts and sales strategies were streamlined and worked out with InFynd’s reliable fleet data solutions.

InFynd and Silvey Fleet’s collaboration shows how strategic use of data can drive transformative outcomes for businesses. Silvey reached its fleet target audience and is happy to choose InFynd data solutions over and over!

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