InFynd made Britannia’s Email Marketing Easy

About Britannia Car Leasing


Britannia Car Leasing is a top-tier car leasing company based in the United Kingdom. With a strong presence of two decades in the automotive industry, they offer flexible and cost-effective leasing solutions to businesses and individuals alike. They thrive to provide a diverse range of vehicles from all manufacturers in the UK. And they follow a revolutionary no-deposit leasing policy to make car leasing affordable for everyone.

The Problem

Phil Timms, the Marketing Executive of Britannia Car Leasing, reached us with a special requirement. He found out that their digital sales growth had some shortfalls, so he conducted a comprehensive audit of the sales process and found that their email marketing campaigns were not doing well.

“Our average Click Through Rate was at a subpar 0.30%. The moment we realised our email marketing campaigns were going down, we decided to take up external support. And after carefully analysing all the data providers, we felt InFynd would meet our requirements,” says Phil.

The Solution

Using InFynd’s fleet database, Phil can see the sales growth skyrocketing. With consistent data from InFynd, Britannia’s campaigns reached out to more prospects than ever.

By tailoring the data selection process, InFynd ensured to deliver highly accurate email data to turn Britannia’s marketing strategies to the path of success. And Phil couldn’t be happier to see that their efforts are finally paying off.

The Results


Britannia’s average email open rate was 11.90% and their CTR was 0.30%.


Britannia’s open rate and CTR increased to 16.50% and 1.20% respectively in the very first month.

Their sales team was able to send out 119,157 emails and gain 38,745 active subscribers with InFynd’s first set of data.

“It’s been an impressive first batch of data. Both the open and click rates outperformed the average and are giving our organic data a good run for its money too.”

And Phil is looking forward to the continued growth with InFynd. So do we!

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